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eco friendly fabric

Recycled Yarn Dye


One of the most popular eco friendly fabric yarn dyed design.

Great result after garment sewing.

Warm color and perfect drape.

Metallic Jacquard Fabric


Metallic jacquard fabric with shining lurex. 3D crinkle surface with  4 beaming colors designed by our R&D.

Some high ranking brands are using it to make an evening dress or wedding dress. 

metallic jacquard fabric
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Featured Products

yarn dyed

Yarn Dyed Fabric


By using fancy yarn to make classic white and black plaid yarn dyed fabric more vivid.

We can change the design and fancy yarn color according to customer’s request.

Tweed Boucle Fabric


This tweed boucle fabric looks like knit but it’s woven actually.

Our R&D develop a very special construction for it to make the fabric strengthen.

tweed boucle fabric