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A Best Guide To Fabric Types


There are 4 fabric types according to the production procedure. They are woven, knit, non-woven and crocheted fabric.

Woven Fabric Definition and Properties

Woven fabric constructs with 2 sets of mutually perpendicular yarns (warp yarn and weft yarn) in certain pattern.

The woven fabric has the properties not only like stable construction, high strength and good wear resistance. But also with soft touch, nice stretch and good breathability.

Knit Fabric Definition and Properties

Knit fabric constructs with 1 or more sets of yarns by loop interlacing.

It shows the properties such as malleability, soft touch, nice breathability. But it also has the disadvantages like dimensional instability, easy to crimping,will ravel after cutting . Because of the un-tighten construction, the yarn will easily hook out. It will also face the pilling problem.

Knit Fabric Classification

Knit fabric including 2 categories. They are weft knit fabric and warp knit fabric.

Non-woven Fabric Definition and Properties

The main material for non-woven fabric is the fiber, yarn, flakes, fiber net or batts from filament after physical or chemical procedures.

It has the advantages like short production process in fast producing time. Meantime, it has a very wide range of applications.

Crocheted Fabric

Crocheted fabric is very common in our daily life. We can find it everywhere. For example, such as fishing net and lace.

The Most 2 Regular Fabric Types

Woven fabric and knit fabric are the main fabric types in textile.

The fabric types we talk about today is the big and joint range. Sometimes we will hear different types like satin, poplin, boucle, jacquard, wool and other fabric names. However, they are the more detailed classification. Each name refers to one specific fabric. And they are all included in the big circle.

This post will be a best and easy guide. Especially for a beginner in textile. Hope you get what  you need from the post. 

Some new ideas about textile is on the way. So please stay tuned for the next post. Thanks.

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