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Innovative Fabric, Best Key to Open The Fashion Door

Fabric fashion seems slow down its speed under COVID-19. No wishing list, no trend, and less inquires. It’s the answer you may get from most of the fabric suppliers if you ask them the question. Does it really like that? It’s true. It seems stopped but we don’t agree with that. We thing the innovative fabric is the best key to knock out the fashion… Read More »Innovative Fabric, Best Key to Open The Fashion Door

Let Pariss Textile Surprise You In The Amazing Shanghai Intertextile

Shanghai Intertextile is not the only show for textile suppliers. There’re many other shows each year all over the world. As you may know the PV show in Paris, the Magic show in LA, the Canton fair in China, and many others. Textile Show Changes Because Of Covid-19 Under the severe situation of Covid-19, part of the show delayed or canceled. Some switch to online… Read More »Let Pariss Textile Surprise You In The Amazing Shanghai Intertextile

A Detailed Report About Yarn Twist (Part Two)

We discussed some aspects about yarn twist in the previous report part one. Let’s finish the balance part about yarn twist s and z today. Twist Shrinkage and The Calculation The yarn length will become short after the yarn twist process. So we call it twist shrinkage. We use μ instead of the difference between the yarn length before and after twist. L0 stands for… Read More »A Detailed Report About Yarn Twist (Part Two)

A Detailed Report About Yarn Twist (Part One)

Yarn twist is important in textile industry. Especially for the people in the production process. As it’s a big area contains many aspects. I will divide into 2 part. Today is the first part. Let’s start from some examples. How Does Yarn Twist Affect Fabric The strength of yarn twist and its direction play an important role in textile. It’s like the hand of magician.… Read More »A Detailed Report About Yarn Twist (Part One)

Fiber Burn Test, The NO.1 Free And Best Method

There’re totally 7 methods for identifying the textile fiber types. What are they? How they work? These are the main concerned questions you may want to know. But today I’m going to tell you the easiest way for textile fiber identification. Yes! You are right! That is fiber burn test. Before we discuss the fiber burn test. Let’s clarify the 7 methods first. You may… Read More »Fiber Burn Test, The NO.1 Free And Best Method

A Best Guide To Fabric Types

There are 4 fabric types according to the production procedure. They are woven, knit, non-woven and crocheted fabric. Woven Fabric Definition and Properties Woven fabric constructs with 2 sets of mutually perpendicular yarns (warp yarn and weft yarn) in certain pattern. The woven fabric has the properties not only like stable construction, high strength and good wear resistance. But also with soft touch, nice stretch… Read More »A Best Guide To Fabric Types

Textile Fiber And Fiber Classification

We’ve discussed about some different textile fibers in our previous post. For example, Lyocell and Tencel. I think it’s time to make a conclusion. What Is Textile Fiber? Before we talk about it, we need to clarify the definition of fiber. So what is fiber? Fiber is a material only has few or dozens micrometer of its diameter. But the length is multiple times of… Read More »Textile Fiber And Fiber Classification

Lyocell And Tencel Fiber, Are They The Same?

Lyocell and Tencel fiber, we are familiar with these fiber names. Let me ask a question. Do you know what’s the difference between them? Sometimes you may find some of the tags from your cloth mention content in Lyocell material and the other mention in Tencel. I think you may get confused. So let me tell you the difference in a very easy and short… Read More »Lyocell And Tencel Fiber, Are They The Same?

Fairytale Of Recycled Fabric

The Origin of Recycled Fabric I need to tell you a story before starting to talk about the recycled fabric. Let’s trace back to November 15th, 2007. The front door of Goodwill was crowned with a lot of people. It’s a second hand garment shop located in Fillmore street, San Francisco. They were waiting the latest released garment of famous designer Nick Graham. These clothes… Read More »Fairytale Of Recycled Fabric