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Textile Fiber And Fiber Classification

We’ve discussed about some different textile fibers in our previous post. For example, Lyocell and Tencel. I think it’s time to make a conclusion. What Is Textile Fiber? Before we talk about it, we need to clarify the definition of fiber. So what is fiber? Fiber is a material only has few or dozens micrometer of its diameter. But the length is multiple times of… Read More »Textile Fiber And Fiber Classification

Lyocell And Tencel Fiber, Are They The Same?

Lyocell and Tencel fiber, we are familiar with these fiber names. Let me ask a question. Do you know what’s the difference between them? Sometimes you may find some of the tags from your cloth mention content in Lyocell material and the other mention in Tencel. I think you may get confused. So let me tell you the difference in a very easy and short… Read More »Lyocell And Tencel Fiber, Are They The Same?

Fairytale Of Recycled Fabric

The Origin of Recycled Fabric I need to tell you a story before starting to talk about the recycled fabric. Let’s trace back to November 15th, 2007. The front door of Goodwill was crowned with a lot of people. It’s a second hand garment shop located in Fillmore street, San Francisco. They were waiting the latest released garment of famous designer Nick Graham. These clothes… Read More »Fairytale Of Recycled Fabric

2 Best Ways To Calculate The Fabric Density

What is fabric density? Fabric density is the combination of warp density and weft density. The total numbers of warp and weft yarn in a certain area. And the measurement unit is in inch. For example, like some cotton fabric, supplier will mention “40*40/128*68”. 40 is the yarn count, the thickness of a single yarn. (I will write a post about the yarn count later.… Read More »2 Best Ways To Calculate The Fabric Density

What Is Warp And Weft?

What Is Warp And Weft? What is warp and weft? It will be an easy way for the expert to tell the warp and weft side from the fabric. But for a newcomer in textile, it’s not that easy to identify it. Most of the time you will find out it’s pretty cool to tell the warp and weft direction in a few seconds. Keep… Read More »What Is Warp And Weft?

What Is TR Fabric?

What is TR fabric? Or we may say what does it mean? T stands for Polyester and R refers to Rayon. It’s a fabric made with polyester/rayon blend yarn. This is the general meaning of TR fabric. It is a huge name and it contains many different kinds. Yarn dyed or solid, with width spandex or 4 ways stretch (weft side and warp side both… Read More »What Is TR Fabric?