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Easy Guide to What Is Jacquard Fabric

We had a brief idea about TR fabric, Tencel and Loycell, and recycled fabric in previous blog. Today we are going to share some ideas about what is jacquard fabric. Although it’s a big range in textile, we still need to start from the definition first.

what is jacquard fabric

What Is Jacquard Fabric

It is a fabric with un flat design made by the crossed warp and weft yarn. It has a wide range of applications in our daily life. Such as for dress and curtain.

metallic jacquard fabric
metallic jacquard fabric

Classification of Jacquard Fabric

There’re many kinds of classification for this fabric. We may discus about 2 of them.

We can divide it into woven jacquard fabric and knit jacquard fabric. As you know We are mainly doing woven fabric so today we will talk about woven jacquard fabric as an example.

I presume you’ve heard about jacquard fabric and dobby fabric also. They are the more detailed classification under woven jacquard fabric. No matter jacquard or dobby, they are a kind of woven fabric structure. Now let’s talk about them.

Dobby Fabric

Dobby is a kind of woven structure that forms with various small patterns on the surface of fabric through two or more kinds of woven construction on dobby loom. All or part of warp and weft yarns are in different colors, different raw materials, different fineness, twist, twist direction. Fancy yarn is also a nice choice. That means dobby fabric can be yarn dyed or solid. Dobby fabric is usually thin fabric. But jacquard fabric which we will discuss later is regularly in medium or heavy weight.

Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard fabric is easy to understand after the dobby fabric section. As dobby machine only can make small designs but jacquard machine can make bigger size of patterns. The machine difference makes the design size difference. We know dobby fabric can be yarn dyed or solid dye. But most of the jacquard fabric is with colored yarn. So we can say it refers to yarn dyed.

brocade jacquard fabric
brocade jacquard fabric

More Difference Between Dobby and Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard machine can put hundreds of warp yarn in one repeat. So it can make complicate designs in big size with more colors on weft yarn. Normally factory will have black yarn loom and white yarn loom available. By using different weft yarn, it can make thousands of color combinations with different design sizes and repeats.

Jacquard fabric is similar like yarn dyed fabric. We can have a meter sample before production to check the result if the loom is available. As we first dye the yarn color then do weaving procedure, the color fastness will be good. Because the fabric surface of jacquard fabric is no flat, we also call it brocade fabric.

Now I think you may already have a brief idea about what is jacquard fabric and its classification. I think you may have interest to check our jacquard column and more designs will be uploaded soon.

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