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Fabric Development-the No.1 Free Shortcut to Connect With Customer

Makes you far beyond the trend” is our company slogan which you may find on our homepage. It reflects 2 company key rules: customer and fabric development.

  • Customer is the core of everything which is never changed from the beginning till now.
  • Fabric development is the ability for us to make everything happen. It’s the core competency of Pariss Textile.

Fabric Development Is the Key

You may have heard that “fashion changes fast.” Yes, it is. But the fiber and yarn do not change all the time. The changing happens from the construction of the fabric. By using different fiber and yarn together or different fabric construction, there will have thousands of patterns.

Development ability is the inner strength for every company whom want to grow bigger and live longer. So does the fabric business. We recruited our R&D team at the very beginning. Working tightly with our fashion brand customer on the wishing list development on one side. And on the other side, we start to make our own patterns to expand our collection.  

Development Schedule

Normally we will have 3-4 times of new collections per year. That means we will publish our new fabric development in about 3-4 months. However there will have about 15-20 new designs in one collection.

What Fabric Does Pariss Textile Do

As you will know, we are a women fabric supplier in China and our products contains:

  • yarn dyed fabric
  • recycled fabric
  • TR solid fabric
  • jacquard fabric
  • polyester spandex fabric
  • wool fabric

Some Examples of Innovative R&D

The new development for us is not only to make a new plaid or a new jacquard design, but also to think in innovative ways. For example, 5 or 6 years ago, bounding fabric is very popular. Every textile companies been doing this fabric at that time.

One side plaid bounding with velvet at the back side by glue or cotton poplin bounding with cotton poplin. We developed a collection for that but we also did something with a new production procedure. Check the following video and I’m sure you are not familiar with this special procedure.

This is called flame bounding. By using the flame to make 2 kind of fabric stick together. There’s no glue between. So it’s more eco-friendly. The touch feel is soft than the bounding by using glue.

If you’re purchasing yarn dyed fabric a lot. I think you might have faced this headache. The handloom for a plaid normally need about 5-7 days to be finished. But if the delivery time is urgent and the first time handloom doesn’t make you satisfied. There will have another 5-7 days. Time wastes a lot.

Our R&D team have a solution for you. We can make a CAD of the plaid for your reference within hours. So you might check the result with the correct plaid size and colors. It saves 5-7 days for you. Meanwhile, we can do the modification if there’re any place you want to change. That will be pretty fast.


Our brand partners are satisfied with this ability. Sometimes the designer will email us with a sketch. And we can provide a CAD for her reference.

There’s another example. One day, a UK brand designer contact with me. She need a jacquard with 2 tones and the fabric should look heavy but in an ordinary price. She sent me a sketch as below and want the same effect. For jacquard fabric, the normal loom is black yarn loom. White yarn loom need to fresh make. And according to the colors she need, it is impossible to make the effect of pure white or pure black color on the ground. There will have slight white yarn on black ground and little black yarn on white ground. Not too much but still can see. Our R&D team told her this matter and she confirmed that. The fabric comes out perfectly and she’s so happy with that.

CAD development

Fabric development is not only copy what designer wants, but also create the new pattern without any production problem.

Innovation We Do Now

Sustainable and recycled fabric is going to be the fashion trend in future. We developed a collection of recycled yarn dyed fabric and find the solution to reduce the MOQ from 10000 meters to 2000 meters. We are not satisfied with this. After that, a new collection is published from our R&D which contains tencel to make the fabric higher ranking and in a very nice touch feel.

Fabric development is the No.1 shortcut to connect with customer tightly.

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