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The Big Four Fashion Week, Physical V.S. Digital

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What kind of events are influencing the fashion trends for the current and upcoming season? The Big Four!

What Is Big Four?

The Big Four is the nickname for the world’s most prominent fashion weeks held in the fashion capitals of the world. Paris, Milan, London and New York. The Big Four is the place where labels show their stunning latest fashion.

Physical V.S. Digital

Under the big pressure from COVID-19 which shown no slowing down signal, the Big Four changed from physical shows to digital in 2020. London Fashion Week 2021 will still keep digital like Milan and Paris. But recently I was hit by the news from CNN and VOGUE that New York Fashion Week will return with social distance and digital shows.

Why physical and why digital? Digital seems to be the best choice under the worst situation.

  • Going digital can keep the relationship with consumers and designers. Labels will not stop creating new fashion even the world pandemic of COVID-19 is serious. Relationship is like a chain which is easy to break but hard to connect.
  • Going digital will remove the boundaries. It will remove the boundaries and open the door for more people all over the world whom they cannot access to the Fashion Week because of the distance or the time schedule.
  • Going digital keeps more digital data for consumers and designers. They can not only watch the live stream but also replay the videos to watch the show as many times as they want. 360 degree VR is the good way for the people whom sit in front of the screen to see the dress and outfit under the perfect light same as the physical fashion week.

digital show

But the physical fashion week still can not be replaced. Why?

  • Because it’s still the best way to understand the latest fashion.
  • People can meet with label designers and models. Talking about the designs face to face. Or even touch the dress to feel it.
  • Attending fashion forums. Having the conversation with interesting people.
  • Sitting under the real light and watching the physical show is still the best way for Fashion Week.

fashion week physical show

Phy-digital is the future.

Even digital show has many benefits but it still can not replace the physical show. In the future, phy-digital will be the best way for labels to connect with consumers and designers. Because it has all the good aspects from both methods.

fashion week conversation

Years later when COVID-19 is gone. We will see that the Big Four will still keep the Phy-digital as the New York Fashion Week do in 2021.

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