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Innovative Fabric, Best Key to Open The Fashion Door

Fabric fashion seems slow down its speed under COVID-19. No wishing list, no trend, and less inquires. It’s the answer you may get from most of the fabric suppliers if you ask them the question. Does it really like that? It’s true. It seems stopped but we don’t agree with that. We thing the innovative fabric is the best key to knock out the fashion door.

Most people willing to say fashion is like a high speed train. It’s fast. Every year the trend changes. But for us Pariss Textile prefer to compare fashion to the water. Like the quote from Bruce Lee: Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.

COVID-19 stops the whole world but the water of fashion is still flowing. It will burst out some days later no matter how big the COVID-19 rock is blocking ahead of it. Like the seed under the rock, it will show the world its green leaves finally.

Old Industry Changes Innovatively

old weaving machine

Textile is an old industry. It can be traced back to 5000 years ago or even more. It is one of China’s traditional industry but also the competitive industry. Back of a long history of textile industry, China has a complete industry chain from the raw material to garment exporting. At the very beginning, we have cheap labor cost and years before when it disappeared we have upgrade production procedure and specific control for complex garment cutting and sewing. According to my knowledge, it’s very common to see a humidity control equipment workshop in some medium capacity garment factory. It’s just a small example for the facility upgrade. There’re still many other modifications which are undertaking everyday here. These are the competitive points some foreign garment industry zone can not compare.

Fabric Suppliers Facing the Challenge and Opportunity


When we talk about challenge, COVID-19 is the first topic we will choose to talk. Actually we don’t have any choice. Because this is the most severe problem we face since year 2020. No matter how many update we do for production chain or how many improvements we make for our design, quality and service, COVID-19 is a big wall ahead of us.

Company fall and some still stand. It is true that bad time create heroes. Why heroes become heroes, because they catch the opportunity before they become heroes. We don’t want to be hero but we want to be the first backup for our customers. We can’t do nothing and wait for the business come. We don’t know what are other companies’ thinking but for Pariss Textile we have to make the change!

Where? And How?


Where is the opportunity? And how to make the change? Honestly speaking, we don’t know at the first time. We had a brain storm in the meeting room for a whole day with a lot of cups of coffee. Everybody made a list. We wrote them on the board. We discussed one by one. Sometimes even argue. But it feels good as each one of us really want to do something to make it better. Right! We have the result from hundreds of the list. You know what? It’s CUSTOMERS.

Customers no matter buyers, designers or merchandisers, they are the people who bring us the inquires. They lead us to catch the fashion trend. They were all in quarantine but the fashion will not stop by COVID-19. We decided to fully support them. But how? Here comes the innovative fabric plan.

Innovative Fabric Is the Key

brain storm

“No wishing list recently. I’ve no idea about what we really need.” It is the almost same reply we received from our customers. Everything seems stopped again. But no! We already start to design our innovative fabric collection. We understand customers are missing in the situation but by some new innovative fabric patterns we can knock out the door like the water. So we have our sustainable collection and new boucle collection. We presented the ideas with our customers by online meeting. They love it. And they shared the comment with us to make the improvement. It seems the water of fashion starts to flow again. Yes. It is. And the order comes. We use our idea about developing innovative fabric to help our customers running back to fashion business fast.

Pariss Textile is not that much big as some of the group company. But we are big inside. Makes you far beyond the trend is our first responsibility to every customer. We will do lot of things but all focus on it.

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