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New Release of Intertextile Fabric Trends Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

intertextile fabric trends

Shanghai Intertextile 2021 released its fabric trends for autumn and winter 2022/2023 recently with the keyword “EVOLUTION

This fabric trends including with 4 aspects: resilience, refuge, unreason and booster.

Just as Intertextile trend committee mentioned in the beginning of this fabric trends, “We are experiencing the approach of a new era. The time has come to expand our horizon. We are ready to advance and prepared to evolve.”

Apparently, we no need to predict the fabric trends any more after so long quarantine caused by COVID-19. It’s time to boost our mindset and get a brainstorm.

Directions of Fabric Trends Committee

Elementi Moda – Italy

Doneger Creative Services – New York, USA

Nellyrodi Angency – Paris, France

Sachiko Inoue – Tokyo, Japan


Main point of view: More close to the nature. Enjoying the slow life. Combining with forecasting technology with sustainable material to make the fabric quiet luxury and long lasting.

Colors: Warm light cream, calm colors and soothing colors.

Fabrics: Soft and warm feeling. Natural cashmere and alpcaca woven and knit, woolen canvas, wool fleece and pile, stretch flannel, compact gabardine and cotton poplin, ribbed velour, velvet. Muted mélange, brush stroke prints.


Main point of view: Escaping from the city chaos. Getting close to the quite of village. Living with nature in peach.

Colors: Natural colors, forest colors.

Fabric: Sustainable fabric. Herringbone woven, seersucker texture, tartan and tweed. Fabrics that are regenerated and recycled. Classic and old fashion.


Main point of view: Adjusting our idea of reality to against the pressure nowadays. To find the difference and break the rules by the innovative ideas.

Colors: Retro, casual, dissonant.

Fabrics: More use of denim, boiled and felted wool, school type plaid, solid leather, cotton suit, velvet and patchworks. By using upcycled fabrics to avoid waste.


Main point of view: Freedom, personalities, individuality. Digital and reality unite. Blurring the border, capturing the future.

Colors: Digital, dynamic bright and energetic colors.

Fabrics: Plain woven, quilt nylon, fur, net, cyberpunk transparent organza and the printing inspired by pop art.

Intertextile Fabric Trends Autumn Winter 2022 2023 Colors
Intertextile Fabric Trends Autumn Winter 2022 2023 Colors

The main theme for the fabric trends autumn/winter 2022/23 is still focused on sustainable and eco-friendly. I think it will become the main topic in fashion industry for a long time.

(Photo and some details are from Intertextile)

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