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Lyocell And Tencel Fiber, Are They The Same?

Lyocell and Tencel fiber, we are familiar with these fiber names. Let me ask a question. Do you know what’s the difference between them?

Sometimes you may find some of the tags from your cloth mention content in Lyocell material and the other mention in Tencel. I think you may get confused. So let me tell you the difference in a very easy and short way.

Definition of Lyocell and Tencel Fiber

Clearly speaking, Lyocell is a joint name of all Lyocell fiber. However, Tencel is a brand name of Lenzing Lyocell fiber. Now it’s clear. Tencel fiber is one kind of Lyocell fiber.

When someone is talking about Tencel, they are probably referring to Lenzing Lyocell.

How Is It Produced?

Lyocell fiber is a well performance eco friendly fiber. It’s one form of rayon.

It’s produced from dissolving pulp, which contains cellulose in high purity with little hemicellulose and no lignin. The chemical solution is no toxic and no harm to human being which can be 98.5% recycled after fiber producing.

The Lyocell fiber is easy to be decomposed in the earth. That’s the reason why we call it the green fiber of 21th century.

tencel production procedure
Tencel Production Procedure

Lyocell and Tencel Fiber Properties

The main material of Lyocell is conifer. And the yield is 6 times as more as rayon.

The Lyocell fiber strength is very high both of its wet or dry. Dry strength is close to polyester fiber. And the wet strength is 85% of the dry strength. Better than normal rayon fiber.

The hygroscopicity is better than cotton but less than rayon. And is comfortable, shiny, easy to dye and eco friendly. By the way, it’s also one kind of eco friendly fiber. (Click to know the fairytale of eco friendly fabric.)

The Lyocell material fabric has versatile touch feel, well stretch, and the good drape.

Is It A New Fiber?

We can’t say it’s a new fiber as it was developed in 1980s by Courtaulds Fibers in Coventry, UK, and at the Grimsby, UK, pilot plant. But it has a bright future in textile under the Green Earth fashion trend sweep around the world.

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