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Let Pariss Textile Surprise You In The Amazing Shanghai Intertextile

shanghai intertextile

Shanghai Intertextile is not the only show for textile suppliers. There’re many other shows each year all over the world. As you may know the PV show in Paris, the Magic show in LA, the Canton fair in China, and many others.

Textile Show Changes Because Of Covid-19

Under the severe situation of Covid-19, part of the show delayed or canceled. Some switch to online mode like Canton fair. Online fair is a good solution especially for buyers. They can sit at home and watch the live broadcasting. Chat with supplier for more details or request for samples.

Shanghai Intertextile will have 3 shows from 2021. The Spring show in March. The Autumn show in August. (before was in September). And the Intertextile Shenzhen show is in November. Except the Shenzhen show, the spring and autumn show are in Shanghai.

Pariss Textile Shanghai Intertextile
Pariss Textile In Shanghai Intertextile

Why We Choose Shanghai Intertextile in Autumn?

Pariss Textile attend to autumn show for more than 10 years. Why only autumn show of Shanghai Intertextile? Let me tell you the reason. We will have our Chinese New Year mostly at some period between Jan. – Feb. The Spring show normally in March. At that time, we just reopen and start to analyze the new trend for next season. What we have on our hand are the collection developed end of last year which may not match for the new trend. As our slogan says “Makes you far beyond the trend”. Fashion is like an unstopped train. It changes fast. What we bring to the show are all different every year. Because we want to present the collection which is matching for the fashion perfectly. So it seems the Shanghai Intertextile in Autumn is our best choice.

Why Attend the Fair When Foreign Countries Still Locked Down?

Everybody have their own decision go or not go. As a company working with world’s famous brands, we deeply understand the fashion can’t be stopped by the COVID-19. It is hard to catch the fashion trend these 2 years. But we are still working on this old industry with new innovation. That is why our TR yarn dyed tencel collection is going to present. I will upload the collection days later. We feel great to receive many messages from our buyer and designers. They shared the fashion ideas with us. All these ideas show us the path to the next heat point of fashion.

Domestic China market is huge. So the authority keeps the show open. But that doesn’t mean we will abandon the foreign market. China export huge amount of textile and related products like garment. It has more than 30% of the world’s total amount. For Pariss Textile, our main market is still foreign countries and brands. We have some new ideas to show our collection under this situation.

Autumn Show New Ideas.

We already start our Intertextile Autumn show development. According to the latest news from Intertextile authority, Shanghai Inter textile Autumn will be delayed to October 9th – 11th(Before was August 25th -27th). During 9th – 11th, August, the new fabric designs will be present same time not only on the show but also on our Instagram and Facebook same like what we did last year. We will also update our website blog during the show to bring you the latest news of the show. It will not only about our new collection but also about the fashion trend conversation held by authority. If time is enough, we will make the Vlog to take you walk around the show. You may wish to follow our Instagram and Facebook right now. We will surprise you in the amazing Shanghai Intertextile 2021.

Makes you far beyond the trend is not only the slogan about presenting our innovative designs to designers but also the spirit for Pariss Textile to find more other solutions to make our design reach more buyers.

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