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Slouchy Suit – Top of New York Street Fashion

If you watch the Vlog from some New York Vloggers, you may find people are catching every chance to dress themselves up. They’ll choose to wear the most in style and eye-catching outfit, no matter where they head to. Or even buy a cup of coffee. Definitely the street fashion is back! And the slouchy suit is the top of New York street fashion.

slouchy suit

To present style and beauty is the human nature. Especially after a so long “vacation”under COVID-19. By wearing Pajama and hoodie in the past year, It’s time to show the world what is real New York street fashion. However, people won’t sacrifice the comfort. The outfit they choose will be little slouchy and oversized. A pair of sneakers will be the nice match as they have lot of way to go to feel the fashion breeze.

slouchy suit with sneakers

The suit is with draping shoulder instead of utilizing sleeves. It feels like back to the old fashion. That’s the style between real dress up and comfort. The new fashion style created by New Yorker after long time quarantine.

suit with draping shoulder

Everything is dark and grey during the quarantine time. Now they need to bring the colors back. A gorgeous colored plaid dress with high heels seems the perfect match for outdoor dinner with family and friends.

colorful plaid dress

Slouchy suit but not lazy type. A perfect degree between formal and casual wear. Fashion is not only on cat walk or fashion show but also between every normal people. I try to believe that fashion is created by everyone of us.

oversized suit

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