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A Tale of Two Men: The Story Behind Pariss Textile

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Welcome to Pariss Textile’s blog. While we’ve been active here for many years, we’ve never really introduced ourselves or the people behind the website and the company.

Today, I’d like to share a different kind of story with you. It’s the story of two men who were formerly the production manager and sales manager at their old company. When that company collapsed, Leo and Baron decided to start their own textile business. They had a long discussion over coffee and the first thing they agreed on was starting from scratch, without using any resources from their former company. While it’s common practice for salespeople to leverage their previous customer base, Leo and Baron believed in building their business from the ground up. Since that day, they started their overcoming challenges with perseverance.

As every small business owner did, they rented a small office in the textile zone and started making fabric samples and files by themselves. It was tough to get orders without any resources, but they persevered, pouring all their savings into the business. Shifting from production to sales was a difficult transition for Leo, who had been fixed in his mindset due to his long experience as a production manager. As he put it, “When I was in production, I dealt with fabrics and paperwork. Now I have to communicate with customers and think on their behalf. It’s tough.” He had to learn the basic skills of sales from scratch. Perseverance is the only thing in their mind to move away the road blocks.

During the difficult times with no orders, Baron decided to take a job at another company to reduce the financial burden for a while. However, he remained committed to Leo and Pariss, and their shared dream of building a successful textile business. This was the “Black Time of Pariss Textile,” but fortunately, things eventually turned around. After a year and a half, they received their first order, and then a second. Everything started to fall into place, and Baron returned. He still remembers the day when he quit the “parttime job”. It was a sunny day in Spring. Everything was as usual, but only he knew the difference. That day, Pariss Textile united.

After the Black Time, Leo and Baron were even more determined to make it in the fabric business. They recruited a Pariss R&D team, recognizing that it would be the core power for their future fabric business. And it will become the main power in textile business for them.

Now, let us introduce ourselves properly. Leo still loves working in production, but now focuses on new fabric constructions and yarn materials with the R&D team. As for me, Baron, I’m the one sharing the ideas and new collections on our Instagram account and website, still focusing on sales. We started this account and website not to solely advertise or sell, but to showcase our ideas in fabric production and development. We believe that knowledge is only truly valuable when it’s shared, and we want to be the two men who spread it.

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