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Views of Textile Sustainability: Now It’s for Everyone.

textile sustainability

I’ve go shopping last weekend with my family. For a workaholic, it’s the most relaxable time. I had my favourite coffee watching my kid playing and smiling. Clothing shop is the favorite place my wife love to cost her time there. No matter the high-ranking brands or common ones, she can always find some nice pieces. She doesn’t like to take me there because for a man in the textile industry I know too much and always can find out something different, like defects others can’t see. After half day shopping, I suddenly noticed the main theme for clothing shops this winter is definitely the same, 100% same. The sustainability! Textile sustainability! Either Patagonia or Uniqulo.

no waste in nature

You may find my previous blog about the full story of sustainable in textile industry. (Click here it will take you there.) Textile sustainability was the best attractive point for high rankings to present their collections, to catch the attentions of the fashion area. But today, it’s everywhere. I can get a sustainable fleece outfit from Uniqulo with a not bad price. But sustainability is untouchable years before. Why it’s everywhere with everyone? We can get one if we want with nice pattern and quality. Especially with a not bad price. Now everybody can touch it and enjoy the advantages of it.

I conclude 3 reasons below. But I think there must be other reasons I didn’t find out. Comment and share your ideas with us below.

1. Time Needs for Idea to Reality. Especially textile sustainability.

The textile sustainability idea start from November 15th, 2007. 15 years past but the story is still going on. A lot of people did so many great jobs to bring the idea to reality even there’re so many blocks on the way. They solved one by one. Time needs for problems solving and idea revolution.

sustainable fashion

2. Production Updating to Beat the Price Down.

The main problem for the textile sustainability widespread use is price. The high cost in production directly pumps the fabric price up high to the sky. So we can imagine how crazy the clothing price it will be. This makes sustainability only can be the topic for high rankings. (You can find more details about high price reason in my previous blog.)

Textile industry is an amazing place because the technicians always can find out the way to beat the price down. Down enough for everyone. For example, the yarn dyed plaid with sustainable material needs high MOQ. Normally 20K meters per color per design. Of course, some big brands can take that much quantity but how about the balance brands? We have so many different style brands with different spirits in their collections. After a long period development time, we solved this problem. Now the MOQ for a yarn dyed plaid with sustainable material only need 2000 meters. (For regular yarn.) MOQ problem solved. All the brands can order the fabric no matter their design or our own design from us.

save the earth

3. Good for Earth and Human Being.

More sustainable, less pollution, more chances for us to leave the magnificent view of Earth to our next generation.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Let’s choose the sustainable one suits us most together.

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