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What Is TR Fabric?

what is tr fabric

What is TR fabric? Or we may say what does it mean?

T stands for Polyester and R refers to Rayon. It’s a fabric made with polyester/rayon blend yarn. This is the general meaning of TR fabric.

It is a huge name and it contains many different kinds. Yarn dyed or solid, with width spandex or 4 ways stretch (weft side and warp side both have spandex), twill surface or jacquard patterns, plain or brushed, or even 2 sides brush, etc…

What is the composition?

In fabric content, usually we put the big part content ahead. So for TR fabric, normally the composition is 65% polyester 35% rayon or 80% polyester 20% rayon. And 65% polyester 33%rayon 2%spandex for the TR with stretch. But It can be highly customized in request composition, weight, surface effect, and hand feel. Our R&D team will suggest you with a best construction based on your request or your original cutting.

What is TR suiting fabric? Why it’s the best choice for suit?

To answer this question, we have to discuss about the characteristic of polyester/rayon blend fabric. You may find its key specialties here below.

  1. Anti-wrinkle
  2. Dimensionally stable
  3. Good touch feel and spandex
  4. Better moisture absorption
  5. Nice fabric drape

Because of these features it becomes one of the best choice to make suits. If you are interested in TR fabric, you may want to check our latest TR collection.

I think you may have a brief idea about what is TR fabric now. You can click the online chat or comment below to share your opinion with us.

Stay tuned for the next post and have a great day!

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